Maria Kuncewiczowa (1895-1989)

Was a Polish writer and novelist. Kuncewiczowa studied music and literature in Crakow, Warsaw and Paris. She had published under pseudonyms for the magazine Le Lierre. In 1938 she was awarded the Gold Laurel of the Polish Academy of Literature.

The main theme of her works - the search for the truth about the nature of man by analysis of its soul. The most famous works: „The Stranger” (1936), „Tristan 1946” (1967), the autobiographical „Phantoms” (1971), short stories, a literary sketch of Stanisław Przybyszewski.

Katria Hrynevycheva (1875-1947)

One of the most active figures of the women’s movement in Halychyna. She authored the collection “Invincible” (1926) and historic narratives “Six-Winger” (“Shestykrylets”) (1935) and “Helmets on the Sun” (1928). The writer cultivated the style of literary baroque with its rich ornament, exquisiteness and fastidiousness of expression, high poetical saturation of image.

Natalena Korolewa (1888-1966)

Was born in Spain, her mother was a Spaniard, and her father was a Pole. She started to write fiction works in Ukrainian language in 1919 upon the recommendation of her husband – a famous public figure, writer and artist V.Koroliv-Staryy. Her first story in Ukrainian “Sin (From the Remembrance Book)” was published in Vienna’s Ukrainian weekly “Freedom” (“Volia”) (1921). Since that time all West-Ukrainian, Bukovinian, Transcarpathian Ukrainian magazines, as well as magazines published in Czechoslovakia, included her works. N.Koroleva’s books published in the middle of 30-ies – at the beginning of 40-es brought her public recognition and popularity: collection of legends “Once Upon a Time” (“Vo Dni Ony”) (1935), narratives “1313” (1935), “Without Roots” (1936), collection of stories “A Different World” (1936), narratives “Ancestor” (1937), “A Dream of a Shadow” (1938), “Ancient Kyivan Legends” (1942-1943).

Evgen Malaniuk. Daria Wikonska

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